About Quakers

Who are we?

Quakers at our annual garden partyWe're a Christian-based religion. We're simple, radical and contemporary.

What are we called?

Quakers, or the Religious Society of Friends. Our official name is Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). We refer to individuals as Quakers or Friends.

What do we believe?

Quakers believe that everyone may have direct experience of God, and that there is that of God in everyone. We try to follow Jesus in a loving response to God and to those around us.

What do we do?

Quakers on a 'Stop the War' marchLots of things! We worship together in silence, and we're involved in a variety of projects, charities and campaigns - sometimes individually and sometimes as a group. We are probably best known for our work in prisons, our Quaker schools and our participation in peace and environmental projects.  

How many of us are there?

About 240,000 worldwide and 18,000 in Britain and Ireland. There are also around 8,000 attenders in the UK and Eire. An attender is someone who goes to meeting and gets involved in Quaker activities but is not officially a member.

How long have you been going?

Since 1652.

What are your services like?

We don't have services, we have what we call 'meetings for worship'. Click here to find out more about Quaker worship, or you can go here to find out more about meetings in Manchester.

Who can attend a meeting for worship?

Quakers on the concourse at General MeetingAnyone. All our meeting houses have disabled access and provision for children. Call us on 0161 834 5797 if you have any questions, or email: office@manchesterquakers.org.uk.

I need to know more

There are several ways you can find out more. You can come to a meeting for worship - click here to find out where the meetings are in Greater Manchester. You can also contact us if you have a specific question. While you're here, why not have a look at our forums, our blog, and some of the events we are involved in?