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Is the Social Justic Committee going to consider aswering some of the questions raised by the Work and Pension Inquiry: Intergeneratioonl Fairness?

Silent Vigil on the subject of Economic Equality

This is a copy of an article that we submitted to The Friend about our vigil on the steps of Central Manchester Meeting House to raise awareness of the issue of economic inequality.

Social Justice Group Economic Equality Project

Social Justice Group meet on the 4th Thursday of every month at 7.15pm at Central Manchester Meeting House.  All are welcome to join us. 

Climate Change - Day of Prayer - Sunday October 4th 2009

I notice that Sunday 4th Ocotober 2009 is being marked as a Day of Prayer for Climate change. 

 Have we or has the Walking Lightly Group got this under consideration or should we find out if any other City Centre Churches are doing anything and, if so, join with them?

Social Justice Group: Brief History and Summary of Current Main Areas of Interest

Our Quaker Social Justice Group meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7.15pm at Central Manchester (Mount Street) Meeting House.

It has met for around 20 years and has engaged in a range of issues and with different approaches.
We have engaged with issues of Inequality in Britain, campaigning for a more equal society - this involved us one year in holding a vigil on the steps of the Meeting House with banners and placards to project the Quakler voice onto the street.

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