Climate justice: a training on engaging politicians – Saturday 01 December 2018

Climate justice: a training on engaging politicians

1 December 2018, Manchester

A training for Quakers to build the skills and confidence to engage people in power on climate change.

Quakers are seeking change to protect our climate. As part of this, we must demand bold leadership from those in political power. Lobbying your MP, or other elected representatives, can be daunting. However, with a bit of confidence, and some well-tested tactics, we can create pressure for change.

This training will help you find your Quaker voice in engaging politicians on climate change – whether it’s a friendly MP or those who disagree with us. The event is delivered by Hope for the Future and Quakers in Britain, and supported by members of the Manchester & Warrington Area Social Justice Group.

The day will include:

  • Background information on the UK’s climate policy,
  • Insight and ideas from Hope for the Future on ways to interest and pressure MPs,
  • A chance to explore ways of networking between local, regional and national Friends so we can support each other in our witness.

Space is limited to 20 places, so please book early. Lunch will be provided.

Booking deadline: 19 November

For further information please contact:

Chris Walker

020 7663 1047

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