War Child – screening and discussion, Central Manchester Meeting House, Tuesday 25 June, 6pm

War School is a film about the battle for the hearts and minds of Britain’s children.


Armed Forces Day, Uniform to Work Day, Camo Day and National Heroes Day – in the streets, on television, on the web, at sports events, in schools, advertising and fashion – the military presence in civilian life is increasing daily. The public and ever younger children are being groomed to collude in the increasing militarisation of UK society.


War School reveals how the British Government is spending £100 million of new public funding and using more than 40 new strategies to promote military values to the public. The film’s release in November 2018 coincided with the centenary of the 1918 Armistice ending World War 1 – ‘The War to End All Wars’

Interweaving the powerful and moving testimonies of veterans of Britain’s unbroken century of wars with expert commentary and archive, War School tells the story of the child soldier who becomes a peace campaigner, challenging the myth of Britain’s benign role in world affairs and asking if perpetual war is really what we want for future generations

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